Quakers Hill Cookware Entrepreneur in Inspirational Businesswomen Grand Final

2019 Winner - Inspiring Business Growth

Honour Date: May 2019; Honour Issuer: Alpha International Marketing and Management Agency

Honour Description: The INSPIRING BUSINESS GROWTH Project is a collaborative initiative for Sydney with support from Members of Parliament, NSW Government organisations, local government, the business community and networking groups including partner organisation Dynamic Business Collaborators, to expedite the business growth of women entrepreneurs.
The project objectives and mission are to:
Raise the profile of women entrepreneurs and empower them with professional and business skills.

Promote collaboration in the business community, government organisations and councils with women entrepreneurs.


Quakers Hill business owner and mother Judith Viado has won through to the 31 May grand final of the Inspiring Business Growth project competition for female entrepreneurs.

Mrs Viado is the Co-Founder of Nutricraft, a premium greaseless and waterless cookware brand she developed with her husband Richard.

Blacktown City Council is hosting the Grand Final, which runs from 9:30 am – 2 pm at Blacktown Civic Centre. Deputy Mayor of Blacktown, Mr Tony Bleasdale, will officially launch the event.

The Inspiring Business Growth project is an initiative of the Western Sydney based Alpha International Marketing & Management (AlphaIMM) agency supported by Sydney businesses, government agencies and local government.

Female business owners had to be operating for a minimum of two years and have the desire to expand but lack the resources or knowledge to do so. 

AlphaIMM Founder and Director Dr Theresa Teo said her vision was to support women entrepreneurs to take that “next step” with a support structure to boost their skills, business knowledge and confidence.

“Women often have dual roles with home and family and want to build a business but can’t always take advantage of regular workshops or networking groups,” she said.

“We combined all the essentials they would need into two rounds of the workshop and three consultations with business specialists, mentors, networking and media support over a three-month journey.

“Specialist business collaborators experienced in key disciplines ensured we covered everything our participants needed to support them on their journey.”

Mrs Viado began her journey in March completing an intensive daylong coaching session on business pitching, public speaking, confidence dressing and brand awareness. At the end of the day, she fronted a judging panel for a 60-second business pitching challenge using her newly acquired skills – she won a place in the finals. 


"This has been a wonderful friendship and educational experience for me and for my growing children who have seen their mother step completely out of her comfort zone to take on this challenge,” she said.

“I have learned so much and improved my skills in public speaking, personal styling, emotional intelligence, branding, selling and networking and had so much fun with my fellow contestants.”

Mrs Viado said her cookware developed from her passion to educate people about eating and living well and free from metal toxicity. She researched and developed her titanium stainless steel cookware that met the health standards she set and provided the safest cooking surface available. 

She said she was very excited with her progress and had gained lots of confidence and insight and made many new friends thanks to the passion of organiser Dr Theresa Teo. 

Everything will be on the test in the Grand Final on Friday 31 May when she has 10 minutes to “sell” her newly created business plan and redefined brand to a panel of judges and a live audience. Audience members will also have the opportunity of being the first to collaborate with finalists in their expansion plan.

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