Coating versus Cladding of Cookware Material

Coating versus Cladding of Cookware Material

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Cookware material is one of the essential considerations in a purchase decision whether it is for personal or business use.   You will encounter tons of options including the technology behind its production and manufacturing. 


Why bother to closely look at it?  It is crucial to know exactly how the cookware is made to set expectations in terms of health risks,  price points, and life expectancy.  There are specifications that may sound intimidating or deceiving in the market.   


But, you can outsmart the sellers of inferior products  To guide you in understanding the cookware specifications, Nutricraft has prepared a series of cookware guides. 


The first one is the difference between coating and cladding.  Both terminologies are heavily used when talking about the quality of cookware material.  Let us digest what does each means to you as the cookware user. 


Coating or multi-coated refers to the hard-coat anodized or simply put it as the soft surface is coated to make it harder.  The treatment is being used to improve the durability of cookware materials like aluminum.  The coating that acts as a shield will deteriorate over time.   


You can see noticeable scratches, discoloration, stains, and other visible marks.  To ensure safety in cooking, replace your cookware showing these visible marks before it is too late for reversing its harmful effects.  


On the other hand, cladding or multi-clad refers to the layers of metal combined together to build the body of the cookware. The layering of different kinds of the material makes the cookware more efficient and durable.   


However, you must look for a non-toxic cookware material that does not release toxins when cooking.  These toxins are mixed in the food and consumed without knowing the dangers of food poisoning to your physical health. 


Nutricraft is known for a multi-ply of Titanium Stainless Steel (316Ti) covering the interiors and exteriors of each cookware piece.  The superior quality of Nutricraft cookware provides safe, smart, and healthy cooking.  Aside from toxin-free cooking, you will enjoy the lifelong health benefits of a 50-year warranty. 


Starting today, turn your kitchen into a safe zone for cooking by replacing outdated, unsafe, and spoiled cookware at home.  The right cookware is also a perfect gift for any special occasion especially now Nutricraft has great offers for Deluxe Cookware Set and Classic Value Sets for more savings.  A wide range of payment options is available for your convenience and security.    


Visit our website for your premium options at a very affordable price.  For inquiries, you can request a virtual call or inquire thru

Nutricraft is SAVE THE CHILDREN Supporter. For every cookware you buy from us, you help make a difference in the lives of millions of children every year.

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