Drinking excessively; leads to adverse side effects.

Drinking excessively; leads to adverse side effects.

Many people are having a cup of coffee is a necessary part of the morning routine. A cup of coffee helps to wake them up and get them moving. However, some people find themselves drinking more coffee than they would like. They may drink multiple cups daily or feel unable to function without coffee. There are several possible reasons for excessive coffee consumption. Restlessness, shakiness, and insomnia are all common side effects of caffeine withdrawal. Headaches, dizziness, and a fast heart rate can also be caused by caffeine withdrawal.

Anxiety is another possible reason for excessive coffee consumption. People who suffer from anxiety may use coffee as a way to self-medicate. However, this can lead to a vicious cycle, as anxiety leads to more coffee drinking, which leads to more anxiety. If you find yourself drinking more than enough coffee, it's essential to talk to your doctor. Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to serious health problems.

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