Facts You  Should  Know About Obesity and Overweight

Facts You  Should  Know About Obesity and Overweight

Obesity develops when your intake of calories  is higher than the amount of energy you burn  every single day. Think of the food that you eat and fuel your body. Just like an engine, fuel depletes when being used.

Facts You  Should  Know About Obesity and Overweight

If this fuel in our body is unused, it remains deposited in our body and will cause weight gain.   Because of this notion, excessive food consumption has always been identified as the main cause.  However, there are other reasons for gaining weight that is attributed to factors cited below:  

  • Environmental factors in the like of lifestyle, habits, and other forms of behavioural change.
  • Psychological factors can trigger anxiety, depression, and stress.  Studies the link between emotions and overeating.
  • Genetic and Environmental factors based on the family history like having obese parents.
  • Medical conditions require intake of medicines and may lead to gaining weight.

Keeping a healthy weight involves factors that can be controlled and uncontrolled.  To be realistic in weight management, it is highly recommended to manage what you can do on a personal level.

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