How to clean your Nutricraft Cookware?

How to clean your Nutricraft Cookware?

 It's easy! Note the following steps.

To maintain an attractive appearance and cooking efficiency, it is important to clean thoroughly after each use. Food films left on the cooking surface will cause discolouration when the cookware is reheated.

To clean, let it completely cool. Extreme temperature changes may cause the metal to warp. (Your cookware will not warp unless carelessly subjected to unnecessary abuse. Avoid the use of excessively high heat and do not pour cold water into a hot unit.) Wash cookware in hot soapy water using a sponge, dishcloth, nylon net, or plastic pad. Do not use a metal scouring pad or harsh scouring powder on the polished stainless steel finish. Rinse thoroughly with clean, hot water. Dry promptly to prevent water spots. Your cookware may be safely washed in automatic dishwater, although continued dishwasher use may dull the handles and knobs due to the harshness of dishwashing detergents.

How to clean your Nutricraft Cookware

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