Should Onions Be in Your Top Home Remedies?

Should Onions Be in Your Top Home Remedies?

Are onions the superheroes of the vegetable world? You may have heard about the multiple health benefits of eating onions. But they are also a powerful part of many home remedies. Learn more about healing with onions:


  1. How do onions help? Onions have many health benefits: Onions have sulfuric compounds that can fight bacteria and other germs. These compounds may also lower the risk of cancer and other health issues.
  2. Using onions for congestion. One of the most popular home remedies is to use onions for common colds. By consuming onions, you may be able to break up the congestion in your body caused by a cold or flu. You may find it easier to cough up the mucus in your lungs.
  3. Using onions for coughs. There are several home remedies that use onions to relieve coughing. The simplest remedy is to take a large, white onion and peel it. Then, slice some of the tops off, so it is flat. Next, put the onion in a small bowl. Pour about two or more tablespoons of honey on top of the onion and let it sit for a couple of hours. Take a teaspoon of the honey when you cough.
  4. Using onions for other illnesses. This vegetable has many uses. You may want to put a piece of raw onion on your skin after a sprain or muscle issue. The onion is supposed to draw blood closer to the skin and promote healing.


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