What to do to avoid eating during Christmas?

What to do to avoid eating during Christmas?

It can be hard to resist unhealthy treats and binge eating during the Christmas season. However, you can do a few things to help control your eating during this time of year.

Firstly, buy fewer snacks; if they're not around, it will be difficult for you to eat them mindlessly!

Secondly, allow yourself to enjoy what food you want; by eating what makes you happy in moderation, you won't need to worry about overindulging.

Additionally, avoid grazing on multiple unhealthy snacks throughout the day; rather, sit down and have one healthy snack that is satisfying and will act as an overall healthier alternative.

Lastly, try eating mindfully; notice and pay attention to everything while eating without any distractions - this will help ensure that portion sizes are kept in check. We can all enjoy our holiday season guilt-free by sticking with these simple steps!


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