Waterless Cooking



 What is waterless cooking?

Waterless cooking simply means cooking without the addition of water or grease. Waterless cookware helps you prepare healthier meals while saving time, money, and energy.

The Nutricraft team enhanced our waterless cookware technology by updating the design and developing an energy-efficient cooking system that embraces ingenuity while capturing the magic of healthy living. By heating food quicker—at lower temperatures and without added fat or excess water—it’s helping ensure a better future for the next generation.


 Why is Waterless Cooking Healthier?

How is Nutricraft Waterless Cookware Different?

Too much water spoils a cook’s best efforts to prepare healthy meals. As most vegetables contain 90 to 95% water, there is absolutely no need to add even more water during the cooking process. Adding water strips the vegetables of their precious minerals and natural salts, sending these nutrients right down the drain.

A cooking method that minimises temperatures and reduces the need for added water helps preserve valuable vitamins and nutrients, not to mention the food’s natural flavours and colours. Our highest quality stainless steel vapour cookware requires no additional oil, butter or fats, sparing your food unnecessary calories and cholesterol.

Nutricraft Cookware is 100% American-made and has been for over 100 years! Our cookware is crafted from American steel—the highest quality surgical stainless steel in the world. Our unique state-of-the-art design, finish and durability were engineered and constructed by a team of talented workers.





Green Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process is Green, which means it meets or exceeds the industry's highest environmental standards. No factory air emissions means we can all breathe a little easier. Natural cleaning methods and non-toxic residues mean a healthy work environment for our cookware team and the surrounding community.

Moisture Lock

During the cooking process, our cookware’s specially designed water seal cover prevents the escape of nutrients and allows for low-moisture cooking. It works like a small oven, cooking the food naturally in a complete circle of heat. Our cookware also features stack-cooking capabilities, which allow you to use fewer burners, and requires only medium to low temperatures. Lower cooking temps and fewer burners result in substantial energy savings for you.

Surface Appeal

With its unique waterless technology, Nutricraft Cookware has the strongest all-natural, non-toxic surface. Go ahead: brown, sear, even deglaze. These pans go places other cookware wouldn’t dare.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

Stay-cool ergonomically designed handles create perfect balance, ease and comfort when using your cookware. Plus, the handles are oven safe up to 350°.

Design that Delivers

Nutricraft Cookware is made of multiple layers of high-grade metals to ensure even heat distribution, not only on the bottom of the pan, but also up the sides and to the cover. Heat spreads smoothly and quickly, without hot spots.

Conserve Nutrients & Energy

To craft our cookware, surgical stainless steel is clad in an aluminium material through a unique roll-bonding process. This creates a metal combination that has the heat conductivity of aluminum with the non-porous qualities of stainless steel. The aluminum alloy inner core is an incredible conductor, requiring less heat, and the stainless steel ensures food cooks evenly to perfection with no water, oil or additives necessary. Nutrients aren't destroyed from high temperatures or washed away through boiling.

We're excited to have Nutricraft Cookware in your hands.